Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Prior to reading this by David Talbot, I had looked it up and noticed that the New York Times had not reviewed or even acknowledged the existence of his new book, The Devil's Chessboard. But, it didn't surprise me. Didn't they do the same with JFK and the Unspeakable by Jim Douglass? 

But, here is David Talbot's own take on it:

"OK, six weeks after publication of "The Devil's Chessboard," I think it's 
finally time to ask direct questions about the corporate media blackout of 
my book. Specifically, why hasn't the New York Times reviewed a major new 
revisionist history of the CIA by a bestselling author whose three 
previous books have been reviewed in the Times? A book that before 
publication received a rave, starred review in Kirkus Reviews (the book 
industry publication that signals a book's importance to critics, 
booksellers, etc) and was named a book of the month by Amazon, New York 
magazine and other key indicators for the publishing world. A book that 
has received major attention in such publications as The Daily Beast, The 
Intercept, Mother Jones and Salon for the new information and insights it 
provides into the CIA reign of Allen Dulles. A book that has hit the NY 
Times bestseller list...as well as the LA Times and San Francisco 
Chronicle lists. 

Is the blackout by the NY Times related to my book's exposure of the 
newspaper's long, disgraceful complicity with the CIA? As I relate in my 
book, New York Times publishers and editors had a cozy relationship with 
the spy agency under Dulles -- among other things, shamefully supporting 
the CIA coups in Iran, Guatemala and Congo, as well as promoting the CIA 
line on the Warren Report. Dulles's personal papers at Princeton include 
many fawning letters between NY Times overseers (as well as other media 
bigwigs) and the spymaster --whom one Times executive referred to as 
"Allie" in his letters. 

Btw, the media blackout of my book also extends to the Washington Post and 
Time magazine -- two publications which also have prominently covered my 
previous books, and also have a long history of collaboration with the 

So...if you're wondering why the New York Times is giving "The Devil's 
Chessboard" the silent treatment, please join me in writing NY Times Book 
Review editor Pamela Paul (bo...@nytimes.com) and the newspaper's public 
watchdog (pub...@nytimes.com)and asking for an explanation. 

Of course, if the Times finally DOES review the book, it will no doubt 
attack it. But at least that predictably negative response would be 
gutsier than its cowardly decision to pretend the book doesn't exist." 

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