Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gayle Nix Jackson is suing the US government for the "missing footage" from her grandfather's famous film. She wants it back, but she'll settle for $10 million- if she can get it. 

I don't claim to know anything about any missing footage; I neither confirm nor deny it. But, I do know that they altered and manipulated films: mightily. I don't know of any that they didn't alter. 

Here are the three most striking things I know of about the Orville Nix film, and they're not all alterations. 

1) LBJ already ducking down just before his convertible made the turn on Elm into the Kill Zone. Observe that's he already scrunched down, sitting no higher than his diminutive wife.

By the time the Altgens photo was taken, LBJ was completely out of sight. 

That's Rufus Youngblood (RY) in the front seat with the seat next to Lady Bird in back unoccupied. LBJ was on the floor. He should be visible there next to her, but he's not. 

2) They had to alter the image of George Hickey in the Secret Service car, dubbed the Queen Mary. That's because he happened to have a very high hairline in back, which contrasted with the phony image of him that they installed into the Altgens photo.

You see that weird black rectangle over the back of his head, right? On the left below is the real George Hickey; on the right is the surrogate they stuck into the Altgens photo.

It's not even the same shape head. They stuck the Hickey image into Altgens. Why? I can only speculate. Maybe Hickey was smiling or otherwise looking inappropriate. Maybe he was just looking too relaxed, too unaware, too nonchalant. And maybe they just wanted to show another Secret Service agent diligently looking for the source of the shots. Unless he was kneeling on the back seat like a kid, there is no way Hickey could have been in that position. 

3) And then in the Elm Street portion, there are two main things that jump out at me: the fact that Mary Moorman never raises her camera the whole time, even though she supposedly waited until the fatal head shot to take her picture. (She didn't. She took her picture prior to that, before the Kennedys had passed her.) And second, the fact that Robert Newman's arm is missing, just like it's missing in the Moorman photo.  

Not there and not in any Nix frame does Mary have her camera up. And here's a comparison of Newman's missing arm.

You can't tell me that there was something going on with Robert Newman to cause that effect. They did it in the Moorman photo on the right when they altered it to take out the slice of Charles Brehm which was captured by Babushka Lady (proving that she took it). And on the left in Nix, I believe they did it just to make it consistent with Moorman. 

By no means is that all they did to the Nix film, but those are the most prominent things I know of. 

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