Saturday, November 21, 2015

God, you're stupid, Backes. In this image, JFK hadn't reached Toni Glover yet in reference to the direction in which she was facing and waving.

Maybe you don't realize it, Backes, but she is waving towards Elm Street, towards the doorway. Look at it in the gif:

You do realize that it's a different wave from this one, right?

In the wave above, she was facing Houston Street, and from Hughes position, he would have captured her essentially in profile. But, Hughes didn't capture her in profile. Hughes captured her back.

That is a straight-on shot of her back. It means that at that moment she was facing Elm, facing the doorway, and she was waving in that direction. You can't equate it with this other:

If that's what the story is supposed to be- that it's the same wave- then these dirty bastards are even dumber than I thought. They don't even look like the same wave. 

And remember, we have another picture:

That's the image that corresponds to Hughes in terms of their direction, the way that they are facing. And, it would have been just a few seconds after the Hughes frames of her waving. They are facing Elm Street with their backs to us. And it's the same way in Hughes; she has her back to us.

 So, it has to be a different wave. She is waving towards Elm Street at a time that JFK's limo was still on Houston.

And remember something else: that he and Jackie are in the very back compartment of the limo. And that's whom she would have wanted to wave at, not Kellerman and Greer, and not Governor and Mrs. Connally. So, it is extremely incongruous that she should be waving at that moment with nothing but her mother directly in front of her. Was it even physically possible for her to wave? Look how close they were.

Toni couldn't wave if she wanted to. There wasn't room for her arms to wave. And after waving boisterously, the President finally reaches her where he is at least in front of the  mother, and what? Toni gets touchy feelly and needs to hug Mom? Why? Out of affection? She was being abused at the time! She keeps saying it on television. And if she did it for fear of falling, then why did it take her so long to realize that it's rather dangerous and precarious up there on the pedestal? 

You're stupid, Backes, and you never fail to take your stupidity to a whole new level. 

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