Saturday, November 21, 2015

Backes, the grass wasn't that narrow.

You think the fact that it's parallel can save you? It's too darn close to the sidewalk! They and it are too darn close to the sidewalk for it to be the pedestal.

And what about the sparkling white of it compared to the color of the sidewalk? Don't you think it's a bit much? There isn't that much contrast between the two. 

And what's the implication? That the reason the Youtube versions don't show the white is because it got cropped out? But, that's not the case. The fields are the same. 

And what is causing the partial failure of the white to register on the left? Shouldn't it be more like this?

Why the color failure in the right corner? Why didn't the white register all the way across? How does it wind up being green where it should be white? How could the green get on top of the white? Was there grass on the pedestal? 

And why would they stand so close to the front edge of the pedestal? Weren't they afraid of falling off? They're doing a lot of jostling around up there. And why, seconds later, was Toni holding on to her mother for dear life?

Why the drastic change in mood, Backes?

How many seconds lapse is that, Backes? What, did she just tire herself out or was she suddenly feeling tender towards Mom? In her interview, Toni Glover said she had an abusive family. Her words: 58 second mark:

Here again: "My family was troubled." 40 second mark.

So no, I don't think it was a tender moment; she was holding on for dear life. So, how could she be waving boisterously on the pedestal just seconds before? It's a pretty schizoid change, don't you think?

And here she is waving towards Elm Street when the President hasn't even turned from Houston yet.

That's the front wheel of his limo. So, he hadn't reached her yet. And she wasn't waving at the Advance car or the Pilot car because they were way ahead. So, what?  Was she practicing her wave? And since her mother was directly in front of her on the pedestal and taller than she was, how could she see anyone to whom to wave? Was she waving at her mother's back? 

You shouldn't be brandishing that doctored frame, Backes. It's a laughing stock. It's an obvious forgery. If you had any brains, you'd have known better to keep that out of sight. 

In Dorman, Toni and her mother are not elevated.

She was elevated in the publicity photo. 

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