Sunday, November 22, 2015

I found this gif from the Bell film. It only shows the Glovers momentarily, but I find it interesting that the Kennedys are passing them, and they don't react. I would think that they would turn leftward as the limo passed them going left. I don't see any reaction at all.

Toni and her mother appear to be as stiff as statues. And in Toni's case,  she couldn't see through her mother, so why didn't she turn her head left to look at the Kennedys? 

And remember what Gary Mack said, that Toni could not identify the other girl. The other girl? It's supposed to be her mother. Did Toni not understand the story she was supposed to be telling? Maybe it took a while to sink in. I've got more to say about this. 

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