Sunday, November 29, 2015

I happen to be in contact with another person from the former Soviet Union. It's an older person who spent his entire youth living under Communism. I asked him about the slaughter of the Romanov family.

I've been thinking about it lately because in the book Hidden History,  the authors maintain that the Czar was very much involved in provoking the start of WW1. It was his mobilization against Germany which the Kaiser took as an act of war. But, the Czar only did it at the behest of the Secret Elite. The President of France traveled all the way to Russia- himself- just to get the Czar to go along with their plan. 

But, the authors also said at the beginning that Russia wasn't traditionally their ally- certainly not England's. And since the Secret Elite seemed to be in control of all the major events, did that include the Russian Revolution? I asked Gerry Docherty, and this is what he said: 

Ralph, this is unquestionably one of the really big exposes of the 1916-17 period.

You will remember that book 1 addressed only the causes, in which Russia was manipulated by our Secret Elite agents.

By 1916-17 the world had changed but our men were way ahead of the game. This is one of the topics which Jim specialises in and in due course we will pull it apart. The short answer is  -  they masterminded it.

But we are trying to take each major episode in its best timescale to focus everyone who is keen on historic truth. 



So, the Secret Elite "masterminded" the Russian Revolution, with Lenin and Trotsky et al. I suspected Gerry was going to say that.

And that's what resulted in the massacre of the Romanov family. I wonder if the Secret Elite was any part of that. At the very least, they must have known that it could happen- considering the people with whom they were dealing. I am reminded of the brutal execution of Colonel Gaddafi in the street by thugs about which Hillary Clinton made a callous remark. 

But, in the Soviet Union, what did they teach the schoolchildren about the slaughter of the Romanov family? According to my guest, they taught them that the Czar's own officers did it, that it wasn't the Bolsheviks, but rather, the ones fighting the Bolsheviks.

Of course, we all know what happened. The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, and that lie collapsed with it. And it was pretty much instantaneous. The huge behemoth statues of Vladimir Lenin that dotted the Soviet Union were torn down. Fortunately, the Russians have a much better "Vlad" in charge these days. 

But, the point in regard to JFK is: even after 75 years of state, media, and school promulgation of the lie within the Soviet Union, it fell of its own dead weight as soon as the tethers were cut. And, it shall be the same way here. Will it take more or less than 75 years? It's already been 52. I don't know. And it doesn't matter. But, the outcome is certain. The truth shall prevail and go public: that Lee Harvey Oswald was just an innocent patsy, and the "deep state" killed Kennedy.    

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