Sunday, November 22, 2015

This is Elsie Dorman's actual view from the 4th floor window:

You notice that there is no grass whatsoever behind the pedestal. All you see leftward of the platform is the back of the pedestal and then the water. And that makes this image ridiculous:

Toni has got green grass leftward of her a long ways in this picture, and that would be impossible were she on the pedestal.

So, there is no long stretch of grass leftward of Toni, and the little bit of grass we are seeing is from the other picture, not this one.
But notice how skewed that is because the margin of the sidewalk and the grass is not lined up with the modern photo. So, let's cinch it up:

Now, they are hanging off the edge of the platform. It shows that they were too close to the sidewalk to be standing on the pedestal. It's very narrow in that direction, which you can see in the unaltered picture. Then there is their elevation. Unfortunately, there are no people on the sidewalk, but look how they are towering over the red car. They would be towering over people beside the car as well.

Toni and Mrs. Glover were NOT standing on the pedestal. They were standing on the grass at the same level as everyone else.

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