Thursday, November 26, 2015

No, Backes. At first, she is closer to the camera than he is, and that's why her black outfit is obscuring part of his chest. She is between him and the camera. Can you or can you not see that her right shoulder is covering up his chest? 

So, she is closer to the camera in the above picture. But, on the right below:

His face (on the right) is between her head and the camera, and we know that because it's blocking the complete visibility of her head. On the left, you can see her whole head, but on the right, you can't see the whole circumference of it. The upper right, comprising perhaps about 60 degrees, is obscured where you can't see the outer limit of it. So, his head, at that point, is closer to the camera. It is between her and the camera. But, for some reason, her shoulder and torso in black are covering up the lower part of his chest. So, her arms and torso are closer to the camera than he is, but his head is closer to the camera than his head?

It does not make sense, and he isn't real.

Here it is again in slow-motion. 

Is she even real? I doubt it. Notice that she doesn't move or twitch- in 6 seconds. And what is some lady in curlers doing outside the TSBD fixated on the door 15 minutes after JFK was shot? 

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