Friday, November 20, 2015

Here is Toni Glover's first public statement:

I've been writing a memoir about watching Kennedy's head explode, and I
came across this site.

For what it's worth, I was standing on top of a cement block at the corner
of Houston and Elm. Eleven year old girl in a blue ski jacket. Robert
Hughes, Mark Bell and Frances Dornan films all catch glimpses.

And as hard as it is for folks to believe it, one little jerk fired from
the window and got off a couple of lucky shots. An idiot killed Kennedy.

One idiot who had a huge fight with his wife that morning.
I had a panoramic view, and there was no conspiracy. Terrible sadness, but
no conspiracy.


I think it's important to note that she supports the official story. I'm sure they treated her very nicely when she visited the Sixth Floor museum. So, Oswald was a little jerk who got off a couple of lucky shots. 

But, he did not have a huge fight with his wife that morning. His wife slept in. She didn't get out of bed before he left. Neither she nor Oswald nor Ruth Paine said anything about them having a huge fight that morning. 

Toni could not possibly have had a panoramic view from that pedestal.

Here is the view from the Zapruder film. At this point, only one shot had been fired, the shot that missed, so Kennedy was not the least bit hurt. But notice that we can see the archway of the pool, but the pedestal is out of view. We can't see it, which means that an 11 year old girl standing on it with her mother in front of her couldn't see the limo.

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