Friday, November 27, 2015


Nov 25

Oswald wanted a political show trial to explain his political ideology.
His trial would have been more famous than the Rosenbergs. 

Ralph Cinque: I am starting to think that Boz is Pink O'Blazney because this sounds like something Pink would say.

And, it is extremely stupid. Even theoretically, Oswald's "political ideology" could have had nothing to do with the crime. What about his political ideology would have wanted him to make Lyndon Johnson President?

It is something that you have to think about when contemplating such an act:  

"If I kill JFK, who is going to replace him, and will he be better or worse for my political ideology?"

Why does anyone think that "President Lyndon Johnson" sounded good to Oswald?

And when you think about the supposed circumstances by which Oswald decided to do it: sitting in the lunch room idling away the remainder of the lunch break flipping through a newspaper before going back to work filling orders of Dick and Jane readers, he spots the motorcade route and instantly decides to kill Kennedy. 

It is extremely psychotic to be triggered to kill on such a basis, and to attribute it to his "political ideology" is ridiculous. That would make him a depraved, deranged, maniacal killer, and there certainly have been depraved, deranged, maniacal killers that we know of, but nobody ever attributed their motivations to "political ideology." Usually, it's just that they are depraved, deranged, maniacal killers.

Hey, Boz. From now, you are Pink. You go by Pink. That's what I'm calling you. 


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