Monday, November 30, 2015

John Paul Jones 
Nov 29 (11 hours ago)
We have established that there was likely two Oswalds at the TSBD. One
seen existing the front entrance and confirmed by Oswald's admission
during interrogation. The other seen exiting the rear entrance down the
loading dock as witnessed by Buell Frazier.

We have the testimony of James Files who describes a LHO that drove an
automobile. Yet we know as per Ruth Payne that Oswald could not drive.
Payne gave him driving lessons.

Of course we have the Hoover memo indicating a suspicion of an Oswald

One could speculate that the intelligence agency at the heart of this was
playing a deadly covert game and manipulating the real Oswald. This
explains the conflicting attributes ascribed to LHO. More to think

Ralph Cinque:


According to John Armstrong, there was a brief time in New Orleans when the two Oswalds- and by that, I mean the two young men who were both living their home, school, and workaday lives, their whole existence, as Lee Harvey Oswald- were working for two separate freight companies that were located on different floors of the same building. Doesn't it seem likely that they would have encountered each other?

I shall ask John Armstrong to comment. 

Please be careful how you use the term "real" Oswald because the Oswald of fame was not the real LHO, meaning the one was born LHO, yet, he was the the real LHO of the story since he was the one who worked at the TSBD, got framed, etc.   

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