Saturday, November 21, 2015

Backes says that the phony pedestal frame can be found in this Discovery Channel documentary:

Of course, it is a mainstream thing, an establishment thing, which supports the official story of the JFK assassination all the way.

Does that bother Backes? No, not at all. He supports it too. He just fusses about the bus and cab rides, that's all.  

Here's a review of that documentary:

By William E. Riffle on April 6, 2008
This is a very good JFK piece, and adds more credibility to the lone gunmen theory. 

Yeah, I bet it does: including by foisting a phony pedestal in the Glover frames of the Dorman film.

This analysis lays out why the Glovers cannot possibly be standing on a pedestal in the Dorman film:

This analysis destroys the credibility of the phony pedestal frame:

They didn't even do a decent job of faking it. 

That is ridiculous. They are practically at the sidewalk, while the pedestal was narrow in that direction. Furthermore, a third of it hung over into the pool, a third of it was continuous with the wall, and the other third went forward but not that far. The pedestal was back behind the grass, and you can see how far it goes. There is no way that that is valid. It is an obvious and transparent fraud, much like so many of the images in the JFK assassination record. It is the most photographically altered event in the history of mankind. 

That pedestal frame is FAKE! You don't see it in any of the Dorman showings online; not one. Not even a hint of it. There isn't a speck of white in that area. And we're supposed to accept it because they got brazen with their fakery in this documentary?

The documentary is from 2003. So, it took 40 years for someone to notice the pedestal in Dorman? Anyone ever mention it before that? 

It's fake, Backes. Just like you. 

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