Monday, November 23, 2015

Let's take stock of what we know about Toni Glover and her film captures during the motorcade.

The Dorman capture came first, and it's real; but they were definitely on the grass.

 I wish I had a gif of them reacting boisterously for the President as he drove by because they idea that they would have moved around like that on this shallow platform is ridiculous. One was a middle-aged woman; the other was an 11 year old girl. 

They were at ground level.

They would be towering if they were on the pedestal.

And keep in mind that their legs are cut off in the image I have of them. If it was all intact and proportional, it would make them even more elevated.

Plus, they are way too close to the sidewalk to be way back on that pedestal. So, forget about it. They weren't up there.

Now, since they weren't on it then, did they get up on it between Dorman and Hughes? No, that's preposterous. They would have had to run to it and climb up on it and get situated. In the midst of the motorcade? There is no way they would have done that. A pudgy middle-aged woman and an 11 year old girl? They weren't gymnasts.

So. once you lose Doorman, you lose Hughes and Bell as well.

But, even without that, Hughes and Bell both have huge credibility problems of their own. In Hughes, the goofy wave when she's not even facing the Kennedys when she does it AND when she has her mother directly in front of her. Try it yourself. Try to wave your arms up in front of yourself when you have someone standing right in front of you. That's very close in front of you. It's impossible; there is no room for your arms.

But, the mother being in front of her on the pedestal is very much part of the story. It can't be taken out.

Then, in Bell, you've got the freaky, distorted anatomy of Toni which isn't real. 

That, on the right, does not pass the smell test. It does for a cartoon, but not for a photograph or film. She's a gargoyle- orthopedically speaking. 

The bottom line is that Toni Glover was NOT up on the pedestal in any of the films, which means that most likely, she was not up on the pedestal at all. 

I am trying to make contact with her. 

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