Monday, November 23, 2015

We have an interesting discussion going on within the OIC surrounding the overlap between Jim MacGregor and Gerry Docherty's work and that of Stephen Requa. This is a reply from Steve, and it concerns the New York Tribune publisher Whitelaw Reid being appointed executor of Jane Stanford's estate after she was murdered. 

"Whitelaw Reid was the publisher of the biggest newspaper in the U.S. at the time, the New York Tribune, and he didn't come cheap. He was of course all lined up for some time to go to London for the Rothschilds/Rockefellers.  But, he just had to rush to Stanford to cover up the Jane Stanford murder (who was killed because she was about to fire the leading American Eugenicst, David Star Jordan, as Stanford Pres) which would have spoiled the Rockefellers/Rothschild's plan to rule Stanford University. They still rule it. Any other way Donald Rumsfeld could have been appointed a few years ago as a "Distiguished Visiting Scholar"? Even most of the Stanford faculty thought that was a farce and a very bad joke. A war criminal and mass murderer as a distinguished scholar?  Maybe of a slaughter house."

"Actually, the last day Reid could have been appointed as Ambassador to the UK was the day before the expected Inquest verdict which they knew would be murder. He couldn't have been appointed US Ambassador to the Court of St. James (the grandest appointment of all) after Jane Stanford had been ruled mudered, with him serving as her purported Executor (probably bogus). He had to get all that clout before the stench of murder arrived, even if it were just by a day. What was Jane Stanford doing with an Executor who lived 3000 miles away with no record of them ever having met? And then with him arriving after a 3000 mile sudden train ride just the day her death was announced? They weren't related, and there is no record that they knew each other."   

"Whitelaw Reid for sure got lots of money from the Rothschilds when he got to London. It was payment for services rendered." 

Stephen Requa

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