Saturday, November 21, 2015

When they made this, I don't think they were trying to convey that there were two people on the pedestal.

And who could tell from looking? We know that there are supposed to be two people on the pedestal, but it's not because of what is showing here. It's because of other images, like this one:

So, there you know there are two people. But, if that didn't exist, how many people would have known from looking that this involves two people on the pedestal?

I think if we gathered 100 uninformed people and asked them what this is about, I predict that 0 would say that there are two people up there. 

And I think that's just the way they wanted it. How could she do that with her mother directly in front of her? They're supposed to be standing on a pedestal.

So here, we'll pretend that Toni is the mother, and pretend that Toni's 11 year old daughter is behind her on the pedestal, and they are both facing the doorway directly. How easy would it be for the daughter to wave? 

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