Monday, November 30, 2015

11:17 AM (3 hours ago)
Oswald left the TSBD and went back to his rooming house because he knew he

being set up.  How did Oswald know this?  What led Oswald to believe that
he was

the patsy?  Can someone please answer this question? 

Ralph Cinque:

Wrong, oh pink one. Why assume Oswald suspected he was being framed before he got arrested? He went to the theater because he was ordered to go there, presumably to meet somebody; a rendezvous.  He certainly didn't have a hankering for a war movie. Oswald didn't go to movies even on a good day. 

But, after he was arrested, he was presented with evidence of a rifle purchase which he knew he didn't make; he was shown the Backyard photos of himself which he knew wasn't him; and he was told he went to Mexico City, which he knew he didn't do. So from all that, he realized that he was being framed, that it was more than just the police making a mistake, perhaps because he went to Russia. He knew then that he was being set up.   

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