Sunday, November 22, 2015

This demonstrates that the long dimension of the pedestal is north to south. It's very narrow from east to west. It didn't just out as far as is implied.

Backes doesn't like it that I filled that in, but it is the implication. The pedestal had to go back as far as the grass. How could it not? If it ended, what would ensue? You couldn't have grass there, and you could have water there either. That is impossible when you consider the shape of the pedestal.

 They weren't on it. They were on solid ground, for Christ's sake. 

I have been looking at that image for years. It's all over the place. That wave is an iconic image. But, not until a few days ago did it occur to me that anybody thought they were on an elevated platform. It's so obvious that they are standing there on the grass. 

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