Sunday, November 29, 2015

Next, the killer gets to Dr. Gerald McKnight.

It's very important to realize that Carolyn Arnold's first statement is the only one that mattered. And what she said, on Tuesday, November 26, 1963, is that she saw Oswald between the double doors, which means at the doorway, minutes before the assassination when she was outside. The Secret Service pegged the time as 12:15, but really it was 12:25. The reason we know that is because months later, when the FBI swept through the place again, Gestapo-style, to get proper statements from the employees, Carolyn Arnold obediently said that she didn't see Oswald at all. And, since she left out the part about Oswald, they put down the real time she was talking about for having seen him: 12:25. 

And as for what she said in 1978, over 5000 days later, just forget about it. It was just flim-flam. The HSCA was going on, and Oswald in the doorway was in the news again. By having her say that she saw Oswald eating in the 2nd floor lunch room 5 minutes before, it distracted away from the doorway. There is no chance that it was true because Oswald said he ate in the 1st floor lunch room. It's in several of the interrogation reports. And he cited James Jarman and Harold Norman has having been around at the time. They did not confirm seeing him (although, I learned from Dr. McKnight that James Jarman did initially tell Dallas police that he did see Oswald at the time, until he was informed that he didn't, and he better not say it again) but, the very fact that Oswald correctly identified 2 out of 70 employees who were there at the time proves that he was telling the truth. 

So, Oswald definitely ate his lunch in the 1st floor lunch room in the Noon to 12:15 time frame, and even Vincent Bugliosi admitted it. According to him, Oswald ate his cheese sandwich and apple from Mrs. Paine's house and then, at 12:15, he went up to the 6th floor to kill Kennedy. 

But, it leaves no chance that Oswald was up in the 2nd floor lunch room eating a second lunch at 12:25.

So, Carolyn Arnold is a powerful witness for Oswald innocence and for Oswald in the doorway, and that's why they went to such exorbitant lengths in 1978 to reconstrue her testimony. Pay it no mind. Her first statement, made 4 days after the shooting, is the one that counts. It's the only one that matters. Dr. McKnight gives it a lot of weight, and so do I. 


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