Friday, November 20, 2015

What a cheap shot, what a despicable act, even by the gutter standards of Joseph Backes. 

He actually had the nerve to post an altered image in which someone photoshopped some white in to represent the pedestal.

Don't you think that would be pretty hard to miss if it actually occurred in the film, Backes? I checked every version of the Dorman film online, and it isn't present. 

Somebody just added that. And you'd think they'd have had the brains to leave the red arrow out of it, which is totally unnecessary. There would even be more white to see without the arrow.

But, let's step back and look at this situation. The Dorman film has been around for a long time, and the image of Toni waving exuberantly at the President has been around just as long. It's an iconic image. But, suddenly, and only after Cinque starts bellyaching about it, it turns out there is white underneath them?  

There are numerous reasons why that image can't be valid. We are seeing the whole width of the grass there.

The pedestal starts behind that line. The pedestal is behind the grass, not on the grass. 

Furthermore, the pedestal painted in doesn't even have the right dimensions. The pedestal is long from north to south, and it's narrow from east to west. Look at theirs:

It's like they are standing on the front edge of a long pedestal, but it's supposed to be narrow in that dimension. Furthermore:

What, did some grass clippings get up on the pedestal? Because I'm pretty sure that green grass cannot grow on pedestals. 

What, did you do this yourself, Backes? 

But, I consider it a positive development that they resorted to this chicanery because it confirms that the whole story of Toni Glover on the pedestal is a hoax. It's another lie exposed. It's more phony imagery revealed, especially that ridiculous Hughes spectacle.

That's the rub. That's the zinger. What we see in Dorman is real. Perfectly real, including the exuberant wave. But, they were definitely standing on the grass. And here above, they tried to duplicate the wave with two arms overhead, but it looks fake. The President wasn't even in front of her at the time. So, what's she waving for? And how do you fling your arms overhead when you've slammed up against your mother who is in front of you on the small pedestal? But, what it's all about- what Toni Glover on the pedestal is all about- is HIDING OSWALD IN THE DOORWAY. Why do you think I harp on it so much? 

In Hughes, Oswald was in the center of the doorway, just as he was in Wiegman, and  the role of Toni's body was to cover him up. They used her. They exploited her, an 11 year old girl.  

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