Friday, November 27, 2015

Backes, if this was really Lovelady, then he would have been there when Oswald came bounding down the steps to go home.

But, Lovelady denied seeing Oswald again after they broke for lunch.

Ball: So, you pulled that trick on Oswald, not holding the elevator for him when you went down for lunch, funny stuff. But, what about after that? Did you ever see him again that day

Lovelady: No.

Now, Lovelady would not have forgotten about it, and he wouldn't have lied about it. And that means: he tacitly denied the post-assassination milling around the doorway scene and the squad room walkby scene.

And by the way, that one good clear sharp view you get of Lovelady above has been taken out. In all versions of the footage available today, the above clip has been severely cropped, speeded up, and blurred. They really didn't want to give us this:

Look how massive the guy is. His head is massive. His arm is massive. He's got an arm like Steve Reeves.

But, what about this guy?

Small head. Small body. Compare it to others in the picture. And what's that koala bear doing in black and white on the right? This weird shit is a joke. It just went badly. It went awful. And you are going to defend this shit? 

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