Sunday, November 29, 2015

My enemies hacked into the OIC website and corrupted its search engine visibility.

Some of the damage has already been undone. 

And, a new program has been installed by which I will be notified any time a change is made to the coding, including changes that I make myself. 

For instance, if I add a new member, I will be notified that a change was made, and if I approve it. Any change to the coding- whatsoever- will have to be approved.

There is a lot more that is going to be done in the coming days and weeks, and frankly, at great expense, but I shall do it. I can't detail it at this time, but at some point, when we are ready, I am going to ask all OIC members and friends and supporters to start visiting the 7 pages of the OIC website, in mass.

That will be one step in a diligent campaign to get our search engine visibility back.  

I'm asking you to do it and to send the link to all you know who you think will also do it.  And, I hope you will think of it like all of us putting on Guy Fawkes masks and taking to the streets.

The Oswald Innocence Campaign is the biggest threat to JFK officialdom in the world today.
The blood-soaked killers can't beat us in the realm of ideas, and that's why they resort to tactics like this. But, they can't beat us- even at this. 

So, when the time comes, I'll give you the word, and please join in the fight with all of your might.

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