Friday, November 20, 2015


You sure have something there; those photos shows manipulation IMO.
If I understand it correctly: the pair, the Glovers, stood on the lawn in one film, then within 6 seconds or less they got up on the pedestal at Houston and Elm, to be seen there in another film?

That is just another case of manipulation.You know, since we know there is manipulation en masse in this and every part of the JFK assassination, why doesn't this surprise me?
Don't think for a second that your eyes are playing tricks with you - your take is right IMO.
Any revelation of manipulation is important and worthwhile.
Good work, Ralph!

All the best

Ralph Cinque:

Thank you, Staffan. And yes, in the Dorman film, the Glovers are clearly standing on the lawn and not on the pedestal. Their backs would be to the water if they were on the pedestal. There would be no grass behind them. 

And then, in the other two films, they are up on the pedestal. But, that would mean that they hastened to the pedestal and climbed on it after the limo passed them.

And again, if you watch the Dorman film, the limo goes straight ahead without turning for quite a ways after it passes them. The idea that they could have hastened to the pedestal and climbed up on it - including a middle-aged woman- in time for the succeeding films seems extremely unlikely to me. Maybe if they were both a couple of kids, but not a middle-aged woman. 

Then, in Hughes, Toni is supposedly up there, but she is facing away from the Kennedys and waving before they even get to her?

Then in Bell, they're standing on the edge of the pedestal, and now Toni, who is no longer boisterous, is clutching her mother for dear life? 

There are problems and incredulities with every bit of this story. It doesn't even make sense for the mother to grab the best viewing spot for herself instead of letting the daughter stand in front so that she could see. I'm just not buying any of this. Thanks again, Staffan. 

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