Sunday, November 29, 2015

We all know the story of Pierce Allman, who reportedly got directions to the pay phone from Oswald, although it is disputed. 

But, I just found something from him that really pins the tail on the donkey. Go to 5 minutes and 20 seconds in this video. You'll hear him say that after he rushed in to use the phone, "they wouldn't let us out of the Texas Book Depository building."

And that confirms what Bonnie Ray Williams said that they wouldn't let him out of the Texas Book Depository building.

Mr. McCLOY. Were you physically kept from leaving the building when you got downstairs? Did you try to go out of the building?
Mr. WILLIAMS. No, sir; I wasn't trying to go out of the building because there wasn't any use of trying to, because at the time we arrived on the first floor, I heard an officer shout out and say, "No one leave the building."

And that means that this image of Bonnie Ray Williams in the Gorilla Man clip is fake.

Bonnie Ray Williams wasn't there at the time and could not have been there at the time. Billy Lovlady was not there at the time and could not have been there then. And the same is true of Danny Arce, whom we also supposedly see (barely) in the center of the above frame. It is fake. It didn't surface until 1966. It is claimed to be from the Martin film although it is not seen in the Martin film. It was fabricated to defuse the racket that Harold Weisberg was making about Lovelady having worn a striped shirt, which he did.


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