Friday, November 20, 2015

Let's look at this view from Google Maps to answer the question: how would someone go about climbing up on the pedestal?

We are particularly interested in how a middle-aged woman would go about it. First note, that it would be a two-step process. First, you'd climb up on the wall, which is lower, and then you'd go from the wall to the pedestal. You couldn't go directly for the pedestal because it's too high. 

So, I figure she would climb up the wall, as she's facing it, and place her knees on the wall. That would be the safest way to do it because if she tried to stand on the wall, it would be precarious. Plus, if she was standing, she'd have no way to hold on. So, I figure she's kneeling on the wall and bracing herself on the edge of the pedestal for support, and then she rotates to face the pedestal. Then she crawls to the pedestal. Then comes the hardest part: standing up. The reason it's hard is because she could easily lose her balance, and unfortunately, there is nothing for her to hold onto. She would just have to rise to standing using her own sense of balance. 

Can you picture a middle-aged woman doing that? And in public? 

I'm not saying that she couldn't. I'm saying that unless she had to, I don't think she would. 

Here is Toni doing it.

I want you to notice how perfectly centered she is. Instinctively, she did that, and there was a lot of proprioception involved. Dr. Glover knows what I'm talking about. But, why in Bell, were she and her mother way over to the right?

Now as far as what Dr. Glover did to get up there, I suspect she used the two-step method I mentioned: climbing the wall first and then transferring to the pedestal.

Realize that she got up there for the purpose of posing for a picture. It doesn't mean that she would have done it under any other circumstances.  Now, I want you to notice how much higher she is than the young man in front of her. He's on the sidewalk right on the curve in front of her. And she is towering over him. But, what if he was more on Houston? She would still tower over him, right?

Can you or can you not see that in the Dorman film, they are not towering over anybody? They are at the same elevation as the people along the curb. And they themselves are along the edge of the sidewalk. They are close to the sidewalk. They are just a little on the grass. They are nowhere near the pedestal.  

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