Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving.  Backes says that this weird, unstable figure of  "Lovelady" from the Hughes film was my doing, that it doesn't occur that way in the film, that I distorted it. 

Well, I can prove that that's not true by showing you it in the Hughes film. 

Here it is, and I have no connection to it. I don't know the person who put it up. I suggest you watch it on Google Chrome, if you can, because there you can slow the speed down to 25% of normal.
Start at 1 minute and 32 seconds:

The Lovelady figure is in the lower right corner next to the east column ( a place that Lovelady never claimed to be). But, you'll see him go through the exact same conniptions that he does above: 

It happens in this version and in every version I've seen, including the one Robin Unger put up.

So no, I didn't create the distortion. The distortion is there.  I just saw it and reported it.  

Do my enemies really think they can win by outright lying? 

They cannot. 


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