Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Very interesting exchange going on right now within the OIC that was brought out by our new members, the authors, Jim MacGregor and Gerry Docherty, concerning the true history of WW1. This was in response to Stephen Requa concerning Herbert Hoover, his nefarious dealings during that war on behalf of the "Secret Elite." Stephen's grandfather, Mark Requa, was appointed the equivalent of Department of Energy Secretary during Hoover's one administration, and then they were business partners after that.

 Thanks Ralph, hello Stephen, 

Ralph's intro to you is a terrific
connection for Gerry and I. Stanford Uni lies at the root of so much of what 

we have written about on the corruption and evil around WW1. For example,
you might want to read our blogs on the sham that was 'Belgian Relief'
in feeding the German army and deliberately prolonging the war, and
the involvement of Herbert Hoover and other Stanford men.  Then there
was the greatest ever heist of history when Hoover and his Stanford
crew had over 1,000 men scour every European capital city in 1919-20
for official government documents pertaining to the true origins of the
war.  They shipped them by the boatload to the US for concealment at
Stanford, thus evidence of the role of the Rothschilds/Rockefellers -
and fellow elites - in deliberately causing the war has been concealed
for a century.  US ambassadors in Britain - and vice versa - had a huge
role to play in linking elites on each side of the pond.  We have
examined the nefarious role of the Pilgrims Society in this, but never
specifically looked at Stanford President David Starr Jordan.  I am intrigued 
by what you write, Stephen, and will have lots of questions to put to you 
re: Jordan being in the pay of the Rothschilds and linking the two R dynasties.
Meantime, I will read your work, and perhaps you might find time to
look at our book and let us have your thoughts.  There is still a load
of incredible hidden history waiting to be exposed here.

Best regards,


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