Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I am really enjoying this book Hidden History by two of our senior members, Jim Macgregor and Gerry Docherty. I am right at the part where 19 year old Gavrilo Princip has killed Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary, which triggered the start of World War 1. 

He has some similarities to Oswald but also some contrasts.

They were definitely both patsies, but in Princip's case, he actually did it. He shot and killed the Archduke. However, in no sense was he a lone nut. It was a secret military operation led by a Serbian colonel whose nickname was "Apis." His unit consisted of terrorist fighters organized as the "Black Hand". That's all very well established in the history books, but what Jim and Gerry uncovered is that the Black Hand was really being sponsored (financed) by the "Secret Elite".  

As in the JFK assassination, there was a team of shooters. Also, as in the JFK assassination, others got hurt. Two aides of the Duke got shot and wounded in the first attack. The Duke wasn't hit until the second attack which occurred while he was in route to the hospital to check on the condition of his wounded aides. That's when he fell, and his wife Sophie also took a bullet and died.  

My Good God. Imagine if JFK and Jackie had both died.  

Another similarity to Oswald is that Princip had an ideology that he was impassioned about. It wasn't socialism or communism but rather Serbian nationalism. He believed in the destiny of Greater Serbia, and he hated the Austrians whom he believed were occupying Serbian ground. The irony is that it was Bosnia, and I'm sure most Bosnians would dispute that Bosnia was Serbian ground. And as you know, they later fought a war over that. 

As with Oswald, the plotters really needed Princip to die as soon as possible after the deed. But, who needs Jack Ruby? They simply ordered Princip to commit suicide. They provided him with a cyanide capsule and told him to bite down on it as soon as the deed was done. And Princip gladly obliged. However, it didn't work. It must have been an expired capsule. There's a shelf life to everything. 

But after that is when it really got weird. Jim and Gerry reported that everyone who was involved met an early and untimely death. Apis was prosecuted on some trumped up corruption charge unrelated to this and was executed. The Russian ambassador to Serbia, Nicholas Hartwig, who was also involved and knew about the connection to the Elites, was killed at the Austrian embassy. Princip reportedly died of tuberculosis in prison. 

Here is how Jim and Gerry ended the chapter:

"Hartwig died, almost certainly murdered, at the Austrian embassy in Belgrade. Apis was shot by firing squad in 1917 on a trumped-up charge unrelated to Sarajevo. Princip died in prison from TB in 1918. These deaths "coincidentally" protected the chain of command that led back to St. Petersburg, Paris, and London."

I read that and I thought about all the deaths of JFK witnesses and accessories that followed the assassination, the first one being JD Tippit. 

So, the assassination of JFK and the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand had a lot in common. Both were conceived, arranged, sponsored, financed, and put in motion by the Secret Elite (although here, we would more likely use the term 'deep state' or the 'shadow government'). Both involved a patsy, although in Oswald's case, he was innocent. And the reason I call Princip a patsy is because he had no idea that the real reason he was killing the Duke was to provoke a war, not with Austria, but with Germany. Germany, Germany, Germany was the target.  Both assassinations were done to launch a war; with JFK it was the Vietnam War; with the Archduke it was a war with Germany which they knew would involve England, France, and Russia as the main combatants, but also satellites on both sides, hence a Pan-European war, at the very least. But, they really hit the jackpot because in WW1, there was fighting in Asia, the Pacific, even South America. That's why they call it a world war. And both assassinations involved subsequent murders to hide the true nature of the crime and protect the real culprits.

The point of this comparison is that the elites who killed JFK were not unpracticed. They'd done it before. You should read the book.   


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