Thursday, November 26, 2015

Do you understand that this image of a headless man is physically, optically, and photographically IMPOSSIBLE? That there is no other image like it from the entire history of photography? That it is absolutely unique and one-of-a-kind? 

Only in the Altgens photo. That is the only time, in the entire history of photography, that a man's entire face was reduced to blackness, and supposedly from shadow. 

I have earnestly and doggedly searched for comparable images. I have not gotten close. I'll post the best that I have.

That is the best comparison there is because the rim of the hat is shading his face even more than the hands atop his head ever could. Yet, it isn't shading his whole face. The bottom of his face is in bright sunlight. And even the part that's shaded can be seen. It wasn't shaded to black. And he's standing farther back beneath the overhang than the man in the Altgens photo. 

She is plenty deep, and it looks plenty black in the room. Yet, her face is still visible. Her face is not blackened out.

Here we are interested in the sheep that is deep within the doorway and deep in shadow. Still, it is visible. It is not blackened out.

This is a World War II photos from 1945. These are Russian soldiers on the march to Berlin at the end of the war. The man deep in the doorway is extremely shaded, yet we can still see him.

On Black Hole Man, his arms are NOT preventing light from reaching his face, and that's because his elbows are way out. So, light is definitely getting to his face. Why else would he be visoring his eyes? And his hands atop his head could shade the top of his face- presumably down to his eyes, since that's why he's doing it. But, no way could they shade his whole face down to and including his chin. It's impossible. Try it yourself. 

Now, to my enemies, listen up: If you want to dispute this, there is only ONE WAY that you can do it. And that way is: POST A PHOTO THAT IS COMPARABLE TO THIS:

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