Tuesday, November 24, 2015

bigdog John Corbett
Nov 23 (13 hours ago)
Yesterday of course was the 52nd anniversary. Typically around this time
of year the various history oriented channels which broadcast under the
A&E and Discovery banners will have a lot of programming about the JFK
administration, the assassination, and various conspiracy theories. Little
of these programs are new and the same programs that run on the A&E family
of networks will also appear at other times one the Discovery family of
networks. This year it seemed to me these JFK reruns were limited to a
succession of shows played on American Heroes Channel, part of the
Discovery family. They began at 2:00 and ran the rest of the day and
night. It's possible I may have missed some but in the past it has seemed
there is a lot more JFK oriented programming. PBS did rerun the two part
American Experience series on JFK which covered his entire life, not just
his presidency or the assassination.

Even though cable channels don't need to bring in the viewership that the
networks do, ratings still matter and my guess is they are finding that
these JFK reruns just are bringing in the numbers any more and nobody is
doing any more original programming. The newest program of the ones I
recorded was produced in 2013.

Face it, those of us who still hold an interest in the assassination and
the question of conspiracy are a small niche of the American public. It
just isn't that important to most people and hasn't been for a long time.
There were brief spikes in interest following Oliver Stone's movie which
was almost a quarter century ago and again for the 40th and 50th
anniversaries of the assassination but for the most part, the public just
doesn't care any more. 

9:51 AM (53 minutes ago)
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==== the only ones who do not care any more are you warren apoligists who
never even read the official evidence/testimony from the Commission's 26
volumes.  none of you ever cared who killed jfk all you ever wanted was the
"conclusions" of the warren commission. You never cared any more than the
people of cuba, red china , north korea and, Russia ! ! ! 

Ralph Cinque:

You're right, Tom; it's only WR apologists who say that, and it is certainly what they are hoping for.

Hey, Corbett! Look at the alternative media and even Youtube where interest in the JFK assassination is thriving, and all from the conspiracy perspective.  Look at the attention being heaped on David Talbot's new book The Devil's Chessboard fingering Allen Dulles as the kingpin. Look at the emergence of the Oswald Innocence Campaign. You've got nothing to be optimistic about. 

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