Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Just to shut that freakin' Op, Brian Albert Doyle, up, I went to the Prayer Man website and watched their gif from the Couch film, which Doyle claims shows Lovelady in a longsleeved plaid shirt. 

When you watch it, it moves very fast, and it's hard to tell anything at the speed that it goes. But, I did successfully hit my PrintScreen key and captured it.

Notice that it has the caption from the Prayer Man site:


And now, let's hone in:

As blurry as it is, you can still see his bare elbow and forearm, just as we can in this clearer shot:

Now, I am going to make something crystal to both Doyle and the Prayermanites: 

You've got two choices here, and only two choices. You can either dispute that that guy is Lovelady OR you can admit that he is Lovelady and that he is wearing a short-sleeved shirt. Those are your only choices. Now pick one.  

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