Friday, January 29, 2016

After having fine-tuned it some, I am going to again plug my e-novel, My Stretch of Texas Ground. I think you'll find it to be an enjoyable read. I really do. 

It's about a terror attack in which Al Qaeda decides to abduct and kill a Texas Senator while he's vacationing at a lake near a small town in Central Texas called Arlettsville. There is no Arlettsville; it's actually based on Marble Falls, which is a beautiful Hill Country town. Take a look:

The jihadist warrior in charge is Abdul Latiff Hassan, who is the baddest dude since Anton in No Country For Old Men. And the one who gets thrust in the cauldron of it is the local sheriff: Sheriff Joe Haladin. In contrast to Hassan who has traveled the world and speaks multiple languages, Joe was born and raised in Arlettsville and hasn't gone anywhere else to speak of. His whole life has been local, colloquial, and ordinary. He's an ordinary guy, a regular Joe. But now, he has to rise to the occasion because international terrorism has come to his small town. 

I'll tell you ahead of time that the outcome is mixed. It doesn't go entirely favorably for either side  The story is not politically correct. It is politically incorrect. But, it's not as politically incorrect as it used to be. I toned it down a little. But, it still contains some food for thought in addition to being an action thriller for its own sake. 

The character of Joe Haladin was inspired somewhat by Marlon Brando's character in the 1966 movie The Chase. You'll notice that I even use the image of Brando's character in my cover. Sheriff Calder too was the sheriff of a small town in Texas. And if you haven't seen The Chase, then consider this post to have been worth your while because it is a great movie.

Marlon Brando, Robert Redford, Jane Fonda, Angie Dickinson, Robert Duvall, E.G. Marshall. What a cast. It's a classic. 

But, getting back to my e-novel, it is very fast moving and easy to read. It is all about the action, the forward progression of the story. It's like a train barreling down the track heading, in this case, for a collision. Frankly, it's written for a person who isn't in love with the written word- who thinks there can be too many of them- who just wants to find out what happened.

And I guarantee you that for the actor who gets to play Sheriff Joe Haladin in the movie, it will be a career-defining role. 

As I said, "Joe" is based on the idea that he's a regular guy, a regular Joe. And Haladin is a twist on Paladin, the name of the protagonist in Have Gun Will Travel. 

So, if you are my friend, or if you just support my JFK work, please consider buying my e-novel, My Stretch of Texas Ground. If you have KindleUnlimited, it's free. Otherwise, it's $2.99.  You don't need a Kindle device. You can download Kindle for PC for free. The book is only 75 pages long. It's not like I'm asking you to read War and Peace. 

And to my adversaries who would be inclined to issue a negative review just out of spite, please don't do that. For one thing, I have already alerted Amazon that I have a lot of enemies, some of whom might do it, and they assured me that they would be on the lookout for it. And, they told me that when there is doubt about whether a review is genuine or not, they err on the side of getting rid of it. If they're not sure, it goes away. They don't have an obligation to post anyone's review. But, beyond that, I would urge you not to do it because it is a nasty, rotten thing to do.

I think My Stretch of Texas Ground is a real thrill ride, and I'm confident you'll feel the same way, and that you got your money's worth.  Here's the link, and thanks.

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