Sunday, January 17, 2016

The image of Toni Glover and her mother facing Houston Street is one that I had come across, again and again, for years, and it never occurred to me that anyone was claiming that they were up on the pedestal at that moment.

 This comes down to the "fear of falling". I can guarantee you, from having been up on it, that that pedestal is high enough that it definitely generates the "fear of falling."

The "fear of falling" is a natural instinct. The "startle reflex" in infants, also called the Moro reflex, is believed to be a manifestation of the inborn fear of falling. 

The idea that Toni and her mother would have behaved as wildly and boisterously as they did in the Dorman film from atop that pedestal is ridiculous. 

It's high!  And it's scary up there. You don't feel grounded.  Look at Toni doing it years later.

Look how high she is compared to the man on the street in front of her. Notice that she has her hands on her hips. Nobody told her to do that. She did it herself. It broadens her center of gravity and helps stabilize her. Notice that she also has a relatively wide stance which helps the same way. Notice that she is looking down at the ground. That was to get grounded; to connect her with the ground, which is where she wanted to be. If she couldn't be tied to the ground physically, she was at least going to be tied to it visually. Did they ask her to reenact her boisterous arm-waving and jumping around? I'm sure they didn't, but if they had, she wouldn't have done it. She didn't carry on that way the first time from up there. She was down on the grass. And that is very obvious in the picture, that they are at ground level, not towering above the others in front of them.

Eventually, they took to painting in a white surface to make it look like they were standing on the pedestal. 

Do you see how easy that was? They photoshopped it in. Even I could have done that, and I don't even have photoshop. This below was just me messing around in Paint.

Hey, it's not bad. And that was just me winging it, without any training or know-how. Are we going to be swayed by sleight-of-hand tricks like this? Pick a card, any card.

According to the official story, it went from that to this:

Toni and her mother are atop the pedestal. You say you can't see her mother? Well, that's your problem. They're telling you that she's up there. Toni and her mother have turned 90 degrees to their left to keep following the limo as it turns from Houston to Elm. Except it hasn't actually turned yet. I have the front and rear wheels of the limo circled. But, that's Toni on the pedestal, and she is flush against her mother's back. And yet, for some reason, she is waving even though she can't see a thing. And if she could see, she would see that the Kennedys were not in front of her yet. So, why is she waving, and how can she be waving when she is flush against her mother, who is like a wall in front of her?

And then, according to the official story, a few seconds later it went from that, to Toni wanting to give Mom a bear hug. Isn't that swee? Did I mention it was just a few seconds later?

What possessed her to do that? Love of Mom? Fear of falling? Now, the limo is in front of them- at least in front of the mother. So, this might be a time to wave. But, Toni is suddenly in a clutching mood.  Mom has presumably got her hands in her pocket, and Toni's arms are wedged between her mother's arms and torso.

Does that look like a film quality image to you, or does it look like art? It looks like art to me. And, it's a hell of a lot of change, don't you think from Dorman to Hughes to Bell? And wouldn't the mother let the girl be in front so that she could see? The mother could see over the girl but not vice versa. What mother wouldn't do that for her kid? 

It's all fake. Every bit of it is fake. And the reason they started it all by putting Toni into the Hughes film is because they needed something to block the visibility of Lee Harvey Oswald who was standing in the center of the doorway as JFK rode past.

I'm telling you; that is fake; she is fake. And the purpose of faking it is that she is being used as a screen to cover up Oswald. 

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