Saturday, January 16, 2016

Why does anyone think that these two guys are the same human being when they don't look remotely alike? They have vastly different features. and isn't it obvious?

Look at the vastly different shape of their heads, angle of their foreheads, prominence of their brows, size of their noses, shape of their ears, length and axis of their necks, shape of their hairline, and length of their hair. The latter is relevant because in 1976, Lovelady told Ken Brooten that he had a crewcut at the time of the assassination, which appears to be the case on the left, but that was from February 1964. But, it's the guy on the right who is supposed to be Lovelady on the day of the assassination. So, he is the one who is supposed to have a crewcut, but he clearly does NOT have one. Look how long his hair is in back.

On the right, that is not a crewcut. By male standards, it is a thick, sweeping mane of hair. 

They are NOT the same guy, and there is no basis to think they are even related.

They look about as diverse as two men can be. They not only do not look identical; they don't look remotely alike. They have no similarities at all except that they are both white males. The differences between them are stark and polarized.

So, why is anyone claiming that they are the same man?

It's because the "JFK community" is also polarized and not by the division of LN and CT, but rather by the division of LN+CT vs. real Oswald defenders. Real Oswald defenders will admit that that guy on the right is NOT Lovelady. He couldn't be Lovelady. He was a phony Lovelady impostor from a phony clip designed to tell a phony story of Lovelady wearing a plaid shirt. It is a fake, a lie, and a fraud, and it is an outrage that all will not admit it.  

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