Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It is certainly true that Oswald in the doorway, as seen in the Altgens photo, is met with a lot of hostility. It's met with more hostility than any other claim that champions Oswald's innocence.

That's because nothing gets to Oswald innocence as well as Oswald in the doorway, and most conspiracy theories relating to the JFK assassination do not get to Oswald's innocence at all.

Challenging the Single Bullet Theory doesn't get there because Oswald could still have been one of the shooters. The HSCA version of it, based on the dictabelt? That does nothing for Oswald. The HSCA used it in conjunction with Oswald's guilt.

Challenging the timeline of Oswald coming down from the 6th floor after hiding the rifle and still beating Baker to the lunch room- that's good. But, it leads directly to the doorway. If Oswald could not have been up on the 6th floor, then where was he? He had to start out from somewhere. If the lunch room was "B" what was "A"? He had get to the lunch room from somewhere. So from where? And you can't claim he was there all along because Baker saw him moving. Baker saw Oswald as he was entering the lunch room. It means he just got there. Baker saw Oswald arriving, which means that he arrived from somewhere else. It means, ipso facto, that Oswald could not have been in the lunch room at 12:30. And since Baker first saw Oswald entering the anteroom of the lunch room from the office side, it means that Oswald came from that side, which means that he came up the front stairs, which were next to the doorway. Perhaps they still are.

There is the evidence which challenges Oswald's ownership of the rifle, which challenges that he ever ordered it from Klein Hardware. I have mentioned before that both John Armstrong and Gil Jesus have done excellent pieces on that recently, and I think they are equally good.

The problem with that, as I see it, is that there is so much detailed testimony about Oswald owning the rifle, the most damning being that of his own wife, Marina. Her testimony against Oswald to the Warren Commission is devastating, and, as far as I know, she has NEVER recanted any of it. In 52 years, she hasn't. How could she have said all that detailed stuff about Oswald and his rifle and his obsession with it if he never ordered it and never owned it?

I will have more to say about it, but right now I just want to point out that no analysis of Oswald not ordering or owning the rifle is complete without delving into Marina's horrific testimony against him and explaining it.

I've expressed my opinion, which I strongly believe, that Marina Oswald was subjected to mind control techniques in which she was imbued with memories of things that never happened. And I am going to get into that in a big way shortly. So, please stay tuned for that.

But for now, what else is there that supports Oswald's innocence besides Oswald in the doorway? There is the challenge to the testimony of Wesley Frazier, who was the second-most damaging witness to Oswald. I am referring to his claims that Oswald told him that he was going to Irving to get curtain rods (which Oswald denied ever saying),and that Oswald had a long bag that he carried into work between his armpit and his outstretched hand. Oswald denied doing that, saying that he carried only his lunch, and nobody has ever suggested that he carried his lunch in his armpit.

So, there really is a head-to-head, mano-a-mano confrontation between Frazier and Oswald. It's a he said/he said. So, it comes down to who you are going to believe? Who's your man? Which is your dog in the fight? Me, I believe Oswald.

But, I will argue that like Marina Oswald, Wesley Frazier was subjected to a kind of mental conditioning that can be likened to mind control, which I'll get into shortly and try to detail as solidly as I can. That's coming next, so stay tuned.

But, the point of this piece is show why "Oswald in the doorway" is so vital and essential to Oswald's defense. Oswald is just like every other innocent defendant, whose entire defense is based on and built upon one thing: his alibi. And being in the doorway IS Oswald's alibi. It also explains why the other side is fighting it so hard.

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