Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jeremy Granade In Peter Dale Scott's book "Deep Politics and the Death of JFK" (p. 268-9), he writes that translators Peter Gregory and Ilya Mamantov incorrectly translated several of Marina's statements regarding Lee's alleged rifle. For example Marina said (in Russian) "I cannot describe it because a rifle to me like all rifles. Yet Gregory translation was "She said she cannot describe it. It was sort of a dark rifle just like any other common rifle." Later he asked Marina if the rifle was the same size as the one they showed her. Marina replied (in Russian) "I think so." Gregory's translation: "She says that a rifle approximately the same length as you are showing her; however the stock was longer." Other information the Dallas Police and FBI got from Marina was translated by Ruth Paine. In nearly every case, the translations proved more incriminating of Lee than what Marina actually said.
Michael Rebaczonok-Padulo Any Soviet (or ex-Soviet) citizen back in the '60s would have been terrified by authority, be it of the Soviet variety or - in Marina's case - the American. The threat of deportation, whether real, perceived, or simply imagined, would have sufficed to persuade her to cooperate with the US authorities and testify according to their expectations. Soviet citizens had an acutely developed sixth sense when it came to such matters and Marina would have done whatever she considered to be necessary.
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Ralph Cinque That is certainly interesting, Jeremy. But, what Michael is saying sounds like that Marina flat-out lied knowing full-well that she was railroading her tragically deceased husband into history as the most monstrous assassin of all time. Could she really have been capable of that? Has she really been living for 52 years with the knowledge that she did that to him? I think it's more complex than that. I think they got her to say that, and I also think they got her to believe it, on some level. There was mental manipulation involved, and it was MK Ultra-ish.

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