Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Reese Witherspoon, a beautiful woman, and a great actress. If you haven't seen her playing June Carter in the Johnny Cash biopic, Walk the Line, you really should. Here she is carrying her son.

And here's another picture of her carrying her son.

And one more:

And you notice that in each instance, she has the boy leaning out away from her. It amounts to propping the boy on her her hip; he's straddling it. And then her arm going around him serves as a strap; it's his seat belt. But, by easing him out like that, it creates a counterbalance. 

How much energy is being spent when two kids are balanced on a see-saw?

The answer is: none. It took some energy to get them up there. But, once you've got it going, there is no more work being done. What's holding them up? Counterbalance. And the exact same principle is involved here:

 But, what about this woman?

She's not using counterbalance at all. If she is holding that boy, then she is Superwoman. And if she's not holding him, then what is holding him up? 

This image of the Woman and Boy was added to the Altgens photo precisely to cover up the man in the Fedora hat, who was very likely Jack Ruby. But, he was facing Oswald, and that's the problem. The President of the United States is driving by, and he's got his back to him for the sake of looking at some guy in a doorway?

Well, the guy who is supposed to be killing the President is standing in the doorway while the shooting is going on, and it's very distracting, especially if you are tasked with helping to make sure it comes off smoothly. 

The official story has it that Ruby skipped the motorcade for the sake of placing an ad for his Cabaret in the Dallas Morning News. For weeks, if not months, he knew that President Kennedy was coming to town that day at that time, but Jack, not being interested, does his ad-placing right at that time. But wait. I think he was interested. I think he was very interested. That's because after the motorcade, he was at Parkland Hospital. And after that, he was at the Texas Theater. And after that, he was at the Dallas PD, and not just at the Dallas PD but in the Homicide Division. It was the day that the Homicide Division was tasked with investigating the murder of the President of the United States and Leader of the Free World, and yet, they had room in their quarters for Jack Ruby? Then of course, Jack was at the Midnight Press Conference. So, if he had that much interest AFTER the President got shot, how could he not have had interest BEFORE the President got shot? 

Julia Ann Mercer saw Jack Ruby delivering guns to Dealey Plaza before the assassination. 

But, getting back to Superwoman in the Altgens photo, I'm not telling you that I doubt that she could have been holding the boy that way; I'm saying that it was physically impossible for her to do it. 

Now, watch the Idjot Backes say that I deny that women can hold children. No, Backes. I'm not saying that. I'm saying that they can't do it the way she appears to be doing it. They can do it other ways, but they can't do it that way. 

Let's really try to figure out what is going on:

 Look how big that kid is compared to Reese's.

Look at the contrast between the proportion between mother/boy, mother/boy.

That kid on the left is HUGE! But, on the right, even though the child is much smaller in comparison to the mother, Reese, instinctively, went into a counterbalance mode to support him. So, how could the woman on the left not have done so? Was she, indeed, Superwoman?

The politicians have been flagrantly lying to us about this and all aspects of the JFK assassination for 52 years. So have the broadcasters and journalists. So have the educators. And so have the shills and trolls who work the JFK cover-up online and elsewhere. And, it really is an insult to our intelligence. And just think of all the people who are going to go on the list of accessories when all is said and done, including Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, and many other big names who have fronted for the killers.  But, it can't go on forever. This lie is going to fall and fall hard, and there is absolutely nothing that anybody can do to stop it.  

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