Thursday, January 14, 2016

So, all is well in the JFK world so long as the fight involves the Brian Albert Doyles opposing the Mighty Myttons, but God-forbid anyone be allowed to champion Oswald in the doorway. 

And as I've said, the best recourse for anyone who considers this a trifle, an anachronism, is to just ignore me, rather than responding and thereby bumping my posts up to the top. The Idjot Doyle keeps urging people to just ignore me while he keeps responding to me and bumping up my posts. And the same is true for Pink O'Blazney.

And now, Pink is making one of his "you'll see" predictions, like when he predicted that OIC members Peter Janney and Phillip Nelson were going to be harassed at a JFK conference for being OIC members. I checked with both of them, and they were treated fine.    

Whether you like it or not, the JFK battleground is dividing exactly on the question: Where was Lee Harvey Oswald at the time of the shots? It is the I Ching. It is the Sum of all wisdom. It is the Alpha and the Omega. It is the Battle of Gettysburg. And all shall be caught in its vortex. If you don't like it, it doesn't matter. There is nothing you can do.  

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