Monday, January 18, 2016

This film really captures it all. You've got the three men walking, at first steely-eyed straight ahead. Then Oswald alone turns to his left towards Ruby. Then, he turns back and remains steely-eyed straight ahead until the shot goes off.

I have to think that he saw Ruby, and that's because Ruby was there in his visual field. We are never going to know exactly what was going through his mind, but it certainly matters that he alone turned. 

And it is very weird that not one of them turned as Ruby bolted towards them. 

So, watch that video, and then ponder the fact that: 

"This image above (of Oswald glancing towards Ruby) is not in the NBC footage, nor in the KRLD footage, nor in the ABC footage." 

But, they didn't all just miss it in their videos but even after finding out about it, they didn't report it, that Oswald turned.. Even if they believed that Oswald was looking at someone else, why not report it? OSWALD IS THE ONLY ONE OF THE THREE WHO DIVERTED HIS GAZE. He is the only one of the three who turned. And he turned towards Ruby.

It's significant. It's damn significant. 

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