Thursday, January 28, 2016

I am very pleased to announce that the newest senior member of the Oswald Innocence Campaign is Mees Baaijen. 

Mees  has lived an amazing life. Born and raised in Holland, he became world traveler, going off to live in a vast array of countries from Peru to Mozambique, including plenty more. Much of his traveling has been done under the auspices of the Dutch International Cooperation Service, which sounds to me like it may be the Dutch equivalent of the Peace Corps, which was founded by JFK. Mees is a friend of Jim Macgegor and Gerry Docherty, and like them, he has studied world history from a very unshackled and independent perspective. 

Mees has a special interest in the history of banking and its relationship to wars. He believes that, essentially, "all wars are bankers wars," and that includes the war against JFK, where his defiance of the Federal Reserve and attempt to go around them was a motive in his murder. 

Mees currently lives in Costa Rica. 

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