Monday, January 25, 2016

Now, Backes is saying that we can't talk about the Altgens photo unless we get the original photo, that we can't assume to get accurate information from any online version or any physical version published in a magazine. And since none of us is ever going to lay eyes on the original Altgens photo, it means we just can't talk about it nor make any claims about it since those claims would be based on unreliable media. 

EXCEPT, for Backes himself. HE can talk about it. He can claim that there's another African-American in it. He can claim whatever he wants.

I explained to Backes that the "hand" etched on Oswald's shirt is on backwards. His hand couldn't be in that position. 

Also, Backes is claiming here (even though elsewhere he says you can't claim anything about digital images, magazine images, or anything but the original photo) that Oswald's shirt cuff is actually the rolled up sleeve of an African-American man. But, in that scale the "greyscale" of the black and white photo is exactly the same for his skin as for the rolled up sleeve. So, he wore a shirt that was the exact same color as his skin?

It's a very stupid idea, but it's possible that they hoped to sell it. Because the whole head of the black man was put in there. That is bogus. There was a black man there, Carl Jones, but he was facing the other way.

From Altgens position, Carl was either partially or totally cut off from view. He was in the obscured part of the doorway to Altgens.

You realize that the visibility line goes right through Doorman's right shoulder, so it is partially obscured. It looks like it's behind the column, but it's not. He was nowhere near the column.

Carl Jones was facing the same in Altgens as he was in Wiegman. Altgens either caught none of him or a little of his left shoulder and arm. But, they needed something there to cover up Oswald's handclasping.

If that had shown, the jig would have been up. So, they stuck the face of Carl Jones in there, which was taken from a Willis frame.

You don't think that Altgens and Willis, shooting from vastly differnt angles and at different times, separated by hours, just happened to capture identical views of Carl Jones, do you?

That's Willis on the left and Altgens on the right shooting from opposite angles. 

As far as I know, Richard Sprague, who believed that Umbrella Man shot a poison dart at Kennedy, is the only one besides Backes who championed the "other African-American" in the Altgens photo. I know of no one else who supports it.  

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