Tuesday, January 12, 2016

No, no, no. What's really bizarre is for people to think that just by stating something with an attitude of condescension and ridicule makes it preposterous. 

What is so preposterous about doubting that someone was Lovelady when he doesn't look even remotely like Lovelady?

What is so preposterous about doubting that someone was Lovelady when his presence there contradicts what Lovelady himself said about what he did? And that was leave the doorway immediately with Bill Shelley and never return, making it impossible that he was still there 15 minutes later. 

Mr. BALL - By the time you left the steps had Mr. Truly entered the building? 
Mr. LOVELADY - As we left the steps I would say we were at least 15. maybe 25. steps away from the building. I looked back and I saw him and the policeman running into the building. 
Mr. BALL - How many steps? 
Mr. LOVELADY - Twenty, 25. 
Mr. BALL - Steps away and you looked back and saw him enter the building? 
Mr. LOVELADY - Yes. 
Mr. BALL - Then you came back. How long did you stay around the railroad tracks? 
Mr. LOVELADY - Oh, just a minute, maybe minute and a half. 
Mr. BALL - Then what did you do? 
Mr. LOVELADY - Came back right through that part where Mr. Campbell, Mr. Truly, and Mr. Shelley park their cars and I came back inside the building. 
Mr. BALL - And enter from the rear? 
Mr. LOVELADY - Yes, sir; sure did. 

Not only in testifying did Lovelady deny lingering around in front after the assassination, but for the rest of his life, he never claimed it; and he never changed his story. He never at any time or in any form, claimed that he was Gorilla Man, and neither did his chatty wife ever claim it. And never did he or his chatty wife ever claim that he was in the squad room.

And what isn't preposterous about claiming that these two are the same man on the same day an hour apart?

Now, listen up, people: anytime anybody makes a glib statement about "fake Loveladys" I am going to wail on this. I am going to wax and wail in earnest, and we are going to revisit the whole thing in a vivid Show and Tell. We'll see who is being preposterous. 

So, you want to be dismissive and condescending about it? Go ahead. I hope you do because it shall open a floodgate. 

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