Thursday, January 14, 2016

That isn't white and black bands on Doorman, Doyle. If you weren't such a dolt, you would realize that the image is way too degraded, way too distorted, to make any such claims. Do you have any idea how blown up that is? The original Altgens photo, the whole vast thing, was only 3 inches tall. Now, imagine how small the Doorman image was in that context and the extent to which it is enlarged here:

This is 2016, and there is no excuse for such stupidity and inanity. 

There are no white and black bands on Doorman's shirt. There is light reflection, haze, and distortion. His shirt is supposed to be checked, according to officialdom, but it has not a single box. 

It has not a single box. No box anywhere. It's boxless.  It is devoid of boxes. So, it can't possibly be a plaid shirt. 

Plaid is about horizontal and vertical lines crossing forming boxes. When you can't see any boxes, it means the shirt isn't plaid. 

Considering the gross enlargement of the Doorman image, and the difference in lighting conditions, distance, film, settings, equipment, angle, etc., you're not going to find perfection with any comparison of Oswald to Doorman. But, this is strikingly good in its degree of matching. 

And nobody has any right to criticize it and reject it unless they put up an image of Lovelady that matches strikingly better.

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