Thursday, January 21, 2016

Do you know who else also did not believe that Oswald ever went to Mexico City? Jim Garrison.

That was from On the Trail of the Assassins, pages 73 and 74. 

So, how did Marina Oswald come to believe that Oswald went to Mexico City, attended bull fights and jai alai games, visited embassies, museums, etc.? Did you know that it is even recorded in her first testimony that she first denied knowing anything about Oswald going to Mexico City?

Mr. RANKIN. When you were asked before about the trip to Mexico, you did not say that you knew anything about it. Do you want to explain to the Commission how that happened?
Mrs. OSWALD. Most of these questions were put to me by the FBI. I do not like them too much. I didn't want to be too sincere with them. Though I was quite sincere and answered most of their questions. They questioned me a great deal, and I was very tired of them, and I thought that, well, whether I knew about it or didn't know about it didn't change matters at all, it didn't help anything, because the fact that Lee had been there was already known, and whether or not I knew about it didn't make any difference.
Mr. RANKIN. Was that the only reason that you did not tell about what you knew of the Mexico. City trip before?
Mrs. OSWALD. Yes, because the first time that they asked me I said no, I didn't know anything about it. And in all succeeding discussions I couldn't very well have said I did. There is nothing special in that. It wasn't because this was connected with some sort of secret.

Do you buy that? Do you think Marina bold-faced lied to the FBI because she was tired? And then continued lying because she had already lied? But then at some point said, "Wait, wait, wait. I actually know all about it. Let's start over." ? I think they were badgering her to remember, and she just decided finally to tell them what they wanted to hear.  

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