Saturday, January 16, 2016

Now, Beggin' Backes is claiming that the NBC cameraman changed lens in the midst of the shooting but that it was just an adjustment on the camera, the rotation of a turret, and therefore could be done quickly. 

1) Backes does NOT know that a lens got changed at that point. The subjects get larger because they were moving closer to the camera. There are no grounds to assume that a lens got changed. 

2) Backes says "so what" if Oswald looked at Ruby; what does it matter? It matters because the official story has it that one lone nut killed another lone nut; but if the two lone nuts knew each other, then neither one was "lone." Furthermore, after glancing at Ruby:

Oswald looked away from him and didn't turn towards him again even though Ruby was approaching him rapidly. 

Detecting motion in one's visual field occurs up to nearly 180 degrees. So, it is very strange that Oswald did not turn his head towards Ruby in the midst of that. It is also strange that the cops didn't, especially LC Graves whom Ruby got in front of. 

3. Why did the NBC camera revert to this during the changing of the lens?

There is no excuse for that. And it happens right as Oswald was starting to turn his head towards Ruby.

4. I can't say strongly and loudly enough that the official story has it that Oswald did not not know Ruby. He did not know Ruby; he did not know Ruby; he did not know Ruby; he did not know Ruby. Therefore, it is understandable that if Oswald did know Ruby and did glance knowingly at Ruby, that NBC would want to avoid showing it. THERE IS NO QUESTION THAT THE BREAK IN THE FILM OCCURS RIGHT WHEN OSWALD TURNS AND LOOKS AT RUBY. So if it wasn't deliberate, then NBC just got lucky that their cameraman happened to need to change his lens right at the moment that the thing that they did not want to show took place. A lucky happenstance.

The NBC cameraman knew that Oswald would be walking out, and the idea that he couldn't capture it without interrupting it with a jarring break...

is ridiculous. That he couldn't film a guy walking a few yards without having to change his lens right in the middle of it? That is PREPOSTEROUS! Tell me, how did the others do it? How were others able to keep their camera on Oswald without having to stop and change a lens right in the middle of it?   

You're stupid, Backes! You're a stupid, begging, disgraceful moron. You just pull stuff from out your hind quarter and fling it around like a monkey. Maybe in your supplications, instead of giving you cash, people should give you bananas. 

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