Thursday, January 21, 2016

Beggin' Backes keeps saying that I don't get it about Mexico City. But, he doesn't say what I don't get. Is he disputing what Mark Lane, John Armstrong, and others claim, that Oswald never went to Mexico City? If so, why doesn't he just say so? 

If Backes believes that Oswald really did go to Mexico City, why doesn't he just say so? How hard is it to actually say it? Apparently, it's very hard.

And, it would be impossible for me to say it because Oswald didn't go there. And we know that not only because he denied it, and it is very significant that he denied it, but also for the following reasons:

1) there are no photographic images of him from Mexico City, even the CIA claims to have had Oswald under constant surveillance. How hard is it to grab someone's picture? Do you remember how Jack Nicholson, as Jake Gittes, did it in Chinatown on the lake in Echo Park in L.A.?

How hard was that? The lack of any photographs of Oswald in Mexico City is powerful evidence that he never went there.

2) what makes it worse is that there are images of  Oswald impostors in Mexico City

To this day, these are images in the HSCA evidence pile of Oswald in Mexico City

3) Silvia Duran, who worked at the Cuban Embassy, claimed to have had an affair with Oswald, except that she said that the Oswald she knew was about her height, which was 5'3". Oswald was 5'9". She also said that he had blonde hair. "Blonde and short" were part of her original description of Oswald- her words. Ascue and Mirabar also said that the Oswald they saw was blonde, and Ascue told the HSCA that the Oswald of fame is not the Oswald he remembers. 

4) The presence of Oswald doubles in Mexico City cannot be denied, and it means the real Oswald could not have been there because it is preposterous to think that Oswald and Oswald doubles were there at the same time.

5) It's clear that at the time that the Mexico City charade/hoax was schemed,the plan was to link Castro and Cuba directly to the assassination plot as a pretext to invade the island. That plan got scuttled, but the CIA was stuck with what they had done. 

6) Remember there is also a story about Nicaraguan Gilberto Alvarado at the US Embassy saying that he saw Oswald taking money inside the Cuban Consulate TO KILL KENNEDY! But, that got completely scuttled. The whole idea was completely abandoned. The idea became that Oswald returned, went to Dallas, and just by fate/accident/happenstance wound up in a situation where he could kill Kennedy. What, after receiving money to kill Kennedy the circumstances for him to do it just happened, unfolded spontaneously? It's preposterous! 

7) The behaviors ascribed to Oswald on this trip don't even sound credible. He walks to the back of a bus to introduce himself to some chicks? Oswald did that? He went to a bull fight? He went to a twist party? Oswald? THE Lee Harvey Oswald we know did those things? 

This doesn't begin to exhaust the reasons why the whole Mexico City tale is a ridiculous joke. Oswald didn't go there. He didn't lie when he denied it. He had no reason to lie. He had every reason to tell the truth, and he did. Don't listen to Beggin' Backes.  

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