Wednesday, January 27, 2016

So, what is actually going on in this picture? The mother and boy are definitely photographic, so they had to be doing something somewhere. There are two possibilities I can think of. 

The first is that the boy was standing on something like a step to a stoop, and the mother was standing next to him. There is a weird object between the two African-American women, and maybe that has something to do with it. It reminds me of a bone. 

The other possibility is that the mother and boy were separate images and were put in separately. Maybe they just didn't worry about explaining his elevation. They needed him where they needed him. 

The following is somebody else's work; I don't know whose.

But, he rightly points out that the kid's head is impossibly huge, and he's calling it two heads. But, look at the part that he calls the CONCEALED AREA. If that's supposed to be Fedora Man's forehead, why is it so dark? Did they blacken that out? Let's look at it in another view.

Actually, the entire forehead area is too dark. The right side is completely black, but even the left side is darker than it should be. The proper interpretation of that, I believe, is that he is facing the other way, and that is the ribbon of his hat that we're seeing.

Why assume that that's his forehead at all? But, if the other guy is right that it is, and they did some black opaquing, so be it. But, I really think that I am right. But, what is clear from his work and mine is that the whole complex of the Fedora Man, Woman, and Boy is wrong. It is fake. And it is a major anomaly of the Altgens photo.

I sincerely believe that that is the man's back we are seeing, and he is facing towards and looking at Oswald. 

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