Sunday, January 17, 2016

This is weird. We know that the Toni Glover clip from Hughes begins with her doing the wave.

But, here's the film:

And there is no wave. It starts with this, and she never waves.

She is not waving there, and she doesn't wave ever in this version of the film. Let's try another:

Alright, so this one shows the wave. But, it was hard to capture that. It is so fleeting that the only way I could capture it was to slow the film down to one-quarter speed, which you can do on Chrome. 

So, why didn't we see it in the first one? Did someone actually edit it to take it out?

Here is a third version, which is very blurry, but I'll just tell you: it doesn't have it. No wave.

But, let's look at the story of the wave. Toni has got her mother flush in front of her on the pedestal. Toni's nose is to her mother's back. So, how can she wave? And why would she wave when she can't see anything? 

And look how it conflicts with herself in the Bell film, which was taken at about the same moment:

So, there were a few seconds between the two since the limo had to travel some to get from where it is in Hughes to where it is in Bell, but she went from doing a stadium wave to hugging Mom that fast? Seems rather drastic to me. 

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