Thursday, January 21, 2016

Some have criticized me for harping on the Altgens photo and Oswald in the doorway, and I am speaking of people who are generally supportive. 

Of course, I do harp on it a lot but not exclusively. I have harped on many other aspects of the case and doggedly, from whether JFK is exhibiting a Thorburn reaction in the Zapruder film (he's not) to whether Oswald went to Mexico City (he didn't) to whether Montgomery's bag is something Oswald made out of shipping paper and tape (it is not). 

But, it is quite true that I frequently come back to Oswald in the doorway, and I always will. And I am sure that OIC Chairman Larry Rivera agrees with me that Oswald in the doorway will always be the centerpiece of the Oswald Innocence Campaign.

In a word: it is the most important element in the case. If we were going to be reduced to talking about one thing, surely it would be that. And that's because the doorway is Oswald's alibi, and there is nothing more important to any defendant than his alibi. 

You should realize that there are many people who dispute the JFK assassination without being Oswald defenders. They may not give a rat's ass about Oswald. Dr. Cyril Wecht rarely mentions Oswald's name, and when he does, he seems to stumble over it. His intention is to challenge the idea of a single shooter- whether it was Oswald or anyone else. 

But, we are the Oswald Innocence Campaign. We care about Osawld. We care about defending him, exonerating him, and restoring his good name. And we approach it as his lawyers. 

And I'll tell you quite honestly that any time we attract a lawyer, he or she is going to be placed high in our list of members. Currently, we have two lawyers: Mark Lane and Vincent Salandria. 

Oswald never had his day in court. The Warren Commission investigation was just a show trial. But, if Oswald had had a real trial with a real chance to defend himself, his lawyer or lawyers would have made his alibi the top element of his defense. They would have put him on the stand, and asked him, "Where were you when President Kennedy got shot?" And Oswald would have told the court. And of course, the Altgens photo would have been brought out, and probably the Wiegman film too. 

Anyone who tries to say that the Doorman issue is not important is simply not interested in defending Oswald. They have other reasons for being involved. 

But, if you think of this as a criminal trial- the trial of Lee Harvey Oswald- and if you really try to imagine what his legal team would have done once they found out that he was standing in the doorway during the murder, you will realize that we are not making this any more important, any larger an issue than they would have at his trial. And it's one of the reasons why Oswald had to be executed forthwith, before he could talk to a lawyer and tell him where he was at the time of the murder.  

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