Friday, January 15, 2016

Backes, you are actually claiming that the NBC cameraman had to change his lens right in the middle of them walking to the Brinks truck? 

First of all, it happens way too fast for the cameraman to have changed the lens. Could he change a lens in a split-second?

That's all we are talking about. From the start to the break to the return, it is less than 1 second.

He couldn't possibly change a lens in that amount of time. 

But second, he would have had whatever lens he needed in place before they came out. He was anticipating it, and he was surely prepared. It is preposterous for you to suggest that he had to interrupt filming right during the short event in order to change a lens.

NBC edited out the frames of Oswald glancing at Ruby.

 You are being ridiculous, Backes, and I dare say that you would probably have trouble finding even ONE person to agree with you that the NBC cameraman changed his lens during the event. 

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