Sunday, January 24, 2016

You can't fix it in the link address, Backes.

Maybe you should start begging for a book on grammar. 

Mary Moorman said she took her picture simultaneous with the first shot. But, the Moorman photo was taken after the last shot. 

Remember what Ayn Rand told us: There are no contradictions; not in reality. If you seem to be facing one, check your premises.

And the premise that we need to check here is the one that assumes that she took the Moorman photo. 

There are only two possibilites: that she is mistaken about when she took her photo OR that she took her photo when she said she did, which means it had to be a different photo. 

Now, if you would rather believe the first possibility that is unfortunate for you because on the very day it happened, Mary said the exact same thing. And she was young at the time- in her 20s. So, if you're inclined to attribute the discrepancy to a senior moment, forget about it. For 52 years, Mary has been consistent and unwavering about when she took her picture. 

The Moorman photo is a highly altered image, and it's not even Mary's. She didn't take it. Talk about an alteration.   

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